اکتیوالومیناActivated Alumina 

High performance water adsorbent 

Mercury guard

Effective purification up to trace content

3A molecular sieve

Water removal adsorbent up to ppm level

4A molecular sieve

 Effective purification of various streams

5A molecular sieve

Great H2S, CO2 and water adsorbent

جاذب جیوهSulfur Removal

Decrease corrosion & catalyst poisoning

جاذب کلرChloride Removal

For HCl and other chloride components

Arsine removal

Protecting of catalyst poisoning

13X molecular sieve

High capacity and great adsorption rate

SRU catalysts

Achieve high conversion in Claus process

EDC catalysts

Special for vinyl chloride production

کاتالیست گازTGTU catalyst

For sulfur removal from tail gas stream


Various type of stainless steel packing

سرامیک بالCeramic ball

1/8, 1/4. 1/2, 1 inch tower packing

کرین مولکولارسیوCarbon molecular sieve

For nitrogen generation in PSA units