LPG Drying

lpgIn recent years there has built up a large market for liquified petrolium gases (LPG). This market has been filled by the natural gasoline industriy from its supplies of prpane and butane.  In marketing, it is important that substantially all water be removed from the liquified gases. If the water is not removed, there is considrable danger of line and storage vessel pluggin by formation of hydrates during of employment of this gases as fuels.
molecular sieve beds provides a simple and economical process for removing water from normally gaseous hydrocarbons that can be effective
up to 0.1 ppm of water content.

Our Products for LPG Dehydration

 GSorb-440 is sodium type molecular sieve zeolite adsorbent, 4A, available in different shapes. It has high resistance to acidic streams and high crush strength. GSorb-440 specially used for LPG drying as well as syn-gas treating in various industries. It will adsorb most molecules with kinetic diameters of less than 4 angstroms and exclude those larger

GSorb-520 is  a high performance calcium type zeolite adsorbent with high resistance to acidic streams. It’s available in different shapes and adsorb molecules with kinetic diameter less than 5 angstroms and exclude those larger. GSorb-520 is very stable in carry over upsets and re-flux conditions