Alcohol dehydration

Methanol and ethanol are the most common industrial alcohols as solvent and fuel additives. The main challenge in such production process is the removal of large excess amount of water within the produced alcohol. Production of alcohols with purity higher than 95% is a major challenge in the distillation due to the azeotrope formation. However molecular sieve adsorbents can be effective for Alcohol Dehydration to produce high purity alcohols up to 99.5%

Adsorbents for Alchol Dehydration


GSorb-330 is potassium type molecular sieve zeolite adsorbent, 3A, available in different shapes (Spherical, cylindrical Pellet and Trilobe). GSorb-330 has an pore opening of about 3 angstroms (0.3 nm). It adsorbs molecules with effective diameters smaller than 3 angstroms and exclude those large. 3A molecular sieve can be very effective for Alcohol Dehydration without methanol co_adsorption from feed stream