Olefin Purification

Now days with development of catalyst technology for the production of polymers, need for high-purity olefins has become even more crucial since impurities in these streams affect catalyst activity and lowering polymer yield and quality. Common impurities found in these streams are water, carbon dioxide, methanol and carbonyl sulfide. These impurities and others have been effectively removed using regenerative adsorption processes. GAHARCERAM provide a special series of adsorbents for purification of various olefin streams such as propylene , ethylene, etc



Type 13X molecular sieve also used as mercaptan removal, catalyst carrier, air compressor systems, solvent purification and drying of sulfureted hydrogen as well as separation of carbon dioxide, oxygen and water from air. It can be absorb keton, aldehyde and ether peroxide component from oleffin streams as well as mercaptans, sulfide and amine nitril