Air Separation

air separationAn air separation process fractionate atmospheric air into its primary components, typically nitrogen, oxygen, sometimes argon and other rare inert gases. One of the most common methods for air separation is Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) that use adsorbents material such as alumina and molecular sieves to separate some gas species from a mixture of gases. GAHARCERAM offer a full portfolio of high-capacity molecular sieve and activated alumina adsorbents for this purpose

Adsorbents for Air Separation


a standard high performance, high porosity, high surface area activated alumina product with gamma and chi structure and trace of other alumina phases


Type 13X molecular sieve used as mercaptan removal, catalyst carrier, air_compressor systems, solvent purification and drying of sulfureted hydrogen as well as carbon dioxide, oxygen and water removal from air. Geox-138 is high performance grade of 13X molecular sieve that socialized for air purification as well as oxygen generation