Nitrogen Generation

nitrogen gas is a staple of chemical industry. becuase it is an inert gas, nitrogen is suitable for a wide range of applications covering various aspects of chemical manufacturing, processing, handling, and blanketing and purging gas that can be used to protect valuable products from harmful contaminants. It also enables the safe storage and use of flammable compounds, and can help prevent combustible dust explosions. nitrogen gas can be used to remove contaminants from process streams through methods such as stripping and sparging.


Adsorbents for Nitrogen Generation


Geox-138 is a sodium type molecular sieve zeolite adsorbent that has a much larger pore opening than type A. It has the highest theoretical capacity of the common adsorbents and good mass transfer rate. Geox-138 will adsorb molecules with kinetic diameters of less than 10 angstroms and exclude those larger