Natural Gas Sweetening

Natural gas produced from the well contains hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and water with many other impurities. Raw natural gas after transmission through a network of gathering pipelines therefore must be processed in a safe manner and with minimal environmental effect before it can be moved into long-distance pipeline systems. GAHARCERAM provide high performance adsorbents with large specific surface area for Natural Gas Sweetening

 Adsorbents for Natural Gas Sweetening


GSorb-520 is a calcium type zeolite adsorbent, 5A, available in different shapes (Spherical, cylindrical Pellet and Trilobe). It has an effective pore opening of about 5 angstroms (0.5 nm). It will adsorb molecules with kinetic diameters of less than 5 angstroms and exclude those larger


Type 13X molecular sieve also used as mercaptan removal, catalyst carrier, air compressor systems, solvent purification and drying of sulfureted hydrogen as well as separation of carbon dioxide, oxygen and water from air. Furthermore it can adsorb olefins, aromatic componts, SOx and NOx. Geox-130 has high capacity and high adsorption rate compared to other type of adsorbents