Researching and Manufacturing Gaharceram Co. began its activity since 1989. It is performing in the field of industrial and engineering ceramics (refractory components, electric ceramics), particularly anti-acid ceramics. After 10 years successful experience in the manufacturing of special ceramic materials, Gaharceram change the path of its activity. From 2000 onward with regarding to the request of Iranian Oil Ministry and according to the growing market requirements Gaharceram began to produce ceramic and stainless steel tower packings and also ceramic balls.

With growing the demands of Iranian industries to adsorbent and catalyst, Gaharceram focused more on the research and production development of these materials from 2007. Currently, Gaharceram is known as a reputation provider of advanced materials, chemical adsorbents, catalysts and services in Iran. We have more than 27 years of manufacturing experience in the production of high-performance products. Now, we manufacture more than 19 different types of adsorbents and catalysts. The main scope of our company is focused on production of adsorbents for dehydration and purification units and also gas refinery catalysts such as SRU catalysts.

Gaharceram known as a leading company in the field of manufacturing of adsorbent and catalyst in Iran.

What are the advantages of Gaharceram products?

  • Available technical support team during period of our product use
  • Ability to prepare suitable products for each units
  • Innovation and formulation for the required adsorbents and catalysts
  • Reliable and expert work team

Expert Work Team

Apart from manufacturing high-tech materials, we have a team for helping our customers to achieve optimal performance. We enable our customers to get the most out of their processes and products, using the least possible energy and resources, in the most responsible way. This focus on our customers’ performance, backed by our reputation for reliability, makes sure we add the most value to our customers. To sum up, we not only provide and manufacture required materials but also, consulting and training services facilitate knowledge transfer from our engineers to yours. Based on our expertise on science and engineering, we can formulate, develop and produce new adsorbents and catalysts for the specific applications.

Technical Support and After Sales On-Site Services

GaharCeram employs technical service engineers and scientists who have years of experience in adsorbent and catalyst research and development jobs and are of the most experienced persons in the field of development, production and operational issues of adsorbents and catalysts.

Gaharceram technical services division supports our customers in selecting the right product grade and in designing the right process for each application. From the beginning of each project, GaharCeram’s technical service engineers can provide conceptual advice and support. As the project moves forward, GaharCeram can review the detailed designs and procedures. Follow-up service is available for troubleshooting during operational period and optimization of unit performance.

All plants – even those with lots of turnaround experience – can run into trouble during loading. When a problem occurs, it can lead to longer turnarounds and, in the worst case, result in an underperforming adsorbent/catalyst. That makes proper loading an important step in profitable plant operation. Gaharceram’s adsorbent/catalyst loading service gives you valuable pre-loading and loading and start-up guidance that can help prevent issues from occurring and solve any that do occur quickly and cost-effectively.