Chloride Removal

Chloride compounds are presents as an impurity in numrous industrial fluids i.e. liquid and gas streams. the removal of this chlorides such as HCl and organic chlorides from refinary and petrochemical streams is highly desirable in order to prevent significant equipment corrosion and impurity problems in down streams processing. performance is important when it comes to chloride removal products as certain mterials will results in the formation of harmful products such as organic chlorides and green oils.

GSorb-700 series, chloride guard contains a selection of products for both organic and inorganic chloride in liquid and gas services. GAHARCERAM’s chloride guards are proven in difficult applications and are formulated to provide high capacities and long life.

High capacity for organic and inorganic chlorides 
minimize green oil formation
High stability in chemical and physical shocks

Adsorbents for Chloride Removal

A standard high performance, high porosity, high surface area activated alumina to be used in dechlorination of gas and liquid

The promoted alumina with high capacity for the removal of inorganic chlorides in either gas or liquid

The modified promoted alumina for the removal of inorganic chloride in either gas and liquid streams with no green oil and organic chloride formation

A high performance bimetallic adsorbent with excellent capacity for the removal of inorganic chlorides in gas and liquid streams without any green oil or organic chloride formation

A special developed adsorbent for the removal of organic chloride in gas and liquid streams