Moleclar sieve 5A

Molecular sieves are crystalline metal aluminosilicates having a three-dimensional interconnecting network of silica and alumina tetrahedra with uniform pore size. These pores have diameters about 3-10 angstrom, thus larger molecules exclude while smaller molecules (such as water) can be adsorbed easily. According to this property, molecular sieve technology is generally used for the simultaneous removal of water (Dehydration) and sour gas such as  CO2, H2S, in addition some of light and heavy thiol from both gas and liquid feed stream. Dehydration is a crucial operation in natural gas conditioning as it reduces the potential for corrosion, hydrate formation and freezing in process equipment and transportation pipelines. GSorb-500  is calcium type of zeolite molecular sieve adsorbent, 5A, available in different shapes (Spherical, cylindrical and trilobe). These series has an effective pore opening of about 5 Angstrom (0.5 nm). Molecules with effective diameters greater than 5A, such as, iso compounds and all 4-carbon rings will not be adsorbed

 Long service time

Low attrition

High crushing strength


 It is basic form of 5A molecular sieve with the ability to water, H2S  and CO2  adsorption from hydrocarbon streams as well as separation of normal paraffins from iso-paraffins

✔ Production of high purity N2, O2, H2 and inert gases from mixed gas streams  ✔ Separation of normal paraffin from iso-paraffin    ✔LPG sweetening
✔Natural gas sweetening     ✔Water removal

GSorb-520 is thermal resistance type of 5A molecular sieve that can be used where COS minimization is required

✔ Dehydration, sweetening and COS minimization