Sulfur Removal Adsorbents

Several chemical methods have been employed for hydrogen sulfide removal such as phosphate, iron oxide, the hydroxide method, activated carbon adsorption, molecular sieve and the zinc oxide (ZnO) method. Among them ZnO catalyst method proved to be the most effective for sulfur compounds removal and H2S in particular. From the standpoint of high H2S removal efficiency, zinc oxide is more attractive than iron oxide because of more favorable sulfidation thermodynamics. Zinc oxide catalyst is used as a mixture of ZnO as a binder in addition to some fillers or binder materials. GAHARCERAM provide several type of ZnO based catalysts for effective sulfur removal from various hydrocarbon streams


high performance promoted activated alumina for effective adsorption of various sulfur compounds. It has great pore size distribution and surface area that make it an ideal adsorbent for various industries.


high capacity adsorbent for deep desulfurization of various process streams

special sulfur adsorbent that has an excellent capacity and performance in desulfurization of hydrocarbon streams in refinery and petrochemical industries