GSorb-900 series

In various industries, it is very important to have particularly “pure” streams available. In catalytic chemical reactions, since catalysts are often very sensitive to poisoning. Even trace amount of impurities such as oxygen and carbon monoxide, various sulfur compounds, oxyganated hydrocarbons and other contaminates such as AsH3 can accumulate on the catalyst and poison it. GAHARCERAM provide versatile serie of adsorbents for purification of various streams such as propylene, ethylene, styrene as well as air, nitrogen, etc up to ppb level.

Purification up to ppb level

High thermal resistance

Optimized structure

GSorb-900 Series Adsorbents


It is spherical alumina based adsorbent that customized for selective adsorption of some sulfides, oxygenated and nitrogen based compound. GSorb-900 can be effectively remove water, ketones,  alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, mercaptans, as  well as ammonia, amines and nitriles from propylene and ethylene feed streams.


 It is a high porosity spherical adsorbent with CuO active phases. GSorb-910 is specially used for removing traces of O2 from inert gases such as nitrogen, argon, etc.


It is a high capacity copper oxide catalyst that specially used for removal of traces carbon monoxide  from various hydrocarbon streams, in particular liquid propylene. GSorb-920 also can be used as O2 removal adsorbent after proper reduction.


GSorb-930 is a CuO-ZnO based adsorbent that widely used for CO and O2 removal from various streams. Due to the ultra-fine metal oxides crystallite size, it is an ideal choice for deep O2 removal from various streams such as nitrogen, synthesis gas, carbon oxides as well as ethylene and propylene. In addition, GSorb-930 effectively removes traces of H2S, COS, AsH3 form various streams.

Choosing appropriate adsorbent for each process depends on several parameters including operating temperature,  pressure, type and quantity of present contaminates in the feed, etc. Contact us for more information and technical support