GCat-oxy (oxychlorination catalyst)

A copper (Cu) based catalyst is normally used in oxychlorination process. Copper chloride (CuCl2) is used as catalyst in oxychlorination reaction of hydrocarbons. It can be used in fixed or fluidized bed reactors. GAHARCERAM provide different grades of oxychloronation catalysts for various operating conditions

GCat – 100 Series(SRU)

We provides various catalysts for catalytic section of Sulfur Recovery Unit. The product line includes activated alumina, titania, alumina/titania composite, and active bed supports

GCat – 140 Series (Tail Gas Treatment)

The hydrogenating catalysts used in SCOT contain nickel or tungsten on alumina support and the reaction takes place at 480-570°. GAHARCERAM provide high performance hydrogenating catalyst for this purpose