Chloride Removal

 The presence of chloride can cause equipment corrosion and ammonium chloride salt deposition in stabilizer columns, valves, heat exchangers, compressors, and fuel gas systems. Therefore chloride removal is one of the most important operation in isomerization and especially reforming units that offers hydrogen and gasoline product specification safeguards, as well as protecting equipment from corrosion. GAHARCERAM provide Adsorbents with excellent crush strength and attrition resistance for this purpose

Adsorbents for Chloride Removal


It is customized to provide optimum adsorption of HCl from vapor and liquid phase process streams such as hydrogen, naphtha, gasoline and other liquids in wide temperature range applications (ambient up to 350 ̊C). It can be also utilized in numerous CO2 and sulfur removal applications. The high macroporosity of GSorb-700 improves diffusion rates to assure high HCl and other contaminants adsorption capacity